Tuesday, May 31, 2011

KALE shirt

We just watched the Get Healthy Now Red DVD, cooking demos video.  The recipes were excellent.  One of the ladies doing the demos had a fun! shirt on that said KALE on the front.  At first glance you might think it is a YALE shirt.   We have found several navy blue KALE shirts at our local Whole Foods store.  They also have a fantastic navy blue KALE hooded sweatshirt. 

FYI  the EAT MORE KALE t-shirts are  from a small business in Vermont at EatMoreKale.com.  They have several colors, we love the dark green seen in the men's sizes the best.

I own one of each of these shirts, and love them both.


  1. Here is a really cool Kale T shirt from Dr Furhman's site. It is not the same as the one on the Vegsource DVD, but it is still fun!


  2. We found Navy Blue KALE shirts at our local Whole Foods store this weekend. They ran about 15 dollars.